Board of Commissioners' Policies


Where applying human rights principles to a specific issue. May also fall under interpretation

A-1 Marital and Family Status- Anti Nepotism Policies

A-2 Services - Closed Bond Credit Unions

A-3 Services - Private Clubs (Membership)

A-4 Employment - Canadian Experience or Citizenship Requirements

A-5 Rental of Premises - Direct Payment of Rent from Social Services

A-6 Rental of Premises - Limitation on the Number of Occupants for a Dwelling

A-7 Services/Employment - Dress Codes

A-8 Employment - Drug and Alcohol Testing



Where explaining a legal principle or test

G-1  Definition of Discrimination

G-2  Reasonable Accommodation: Disability

G-3  Reasonable Accommodation: Religious Belief

G-4  Employment - Bona Fide & Reasonable Cause

G-5  Services - Bona Fide & Reasonable Cause

G-6  Pre-Employment Inquiries and s. 14(4)

G-7  Reasonable Accommodation: Marital or Family Status

G-8  Reprisal



Where interpreting a specific word or phrase in the legislation

I-1  Harassment- s.19

I-2  Assessing Whether a Respondent Offer of Settlement is Reasonable- s.24.1(4)

I-3  Systemic Discrimination-s.9(3)

I-4  Physical & Mental Disability- s.9(2)(l)

I-5  Political Belief, Political Association or Political Activity-s.9(2)(k)

I-6  Marital and Family Status- s.9(2)(i)

I-7  Special Programs- s.11

I-8  Age of Majority- s.14(10)

I-9  Service Animals

I-10 Social Disadvantage-s.9(2)(m)

I-11 Unspecified Grounds of Discrimination- s.9(1)(a)

I-12 Criminal Record

I-13 Religious Belief-s.9(2)(d)



Where referring to the Commission's processes and procedures

P-1  Board Review Process

P-2  Maximum Length of Written Submissions to Executive Director from Parties to a Complaint

P-3  Jurisdiction - Concurrent Jurisdiction

P-4  Jurisdiction – Exclusive Jurisdiction of Other Tribunals

P-5  Jurisdiction – Federal

P-6  Jurisdiction – Legislation

P-7  Jurisdiction – Releases

P-8  Jurisdiction – Scope and Application of The Code

P-9  Jurisdiction – Judicial Immunity

P-10  Dismissal without Investigation

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