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The Commission strongly encourages the early resolution of complaints and offers mediation at various stages of the complaint process. Participation in mediation is voluntary.
photo of a mediation taking place in the mediation room at the Commission Our mediators will approach the mediation from a human rights perspective and use restorative justice techniques to assist the parties in reaching a resolution. They will adapt the format and style of the mediation based on the issues raised in the complaint, the complexity of the complaint, the remedies sought and the particular wishes of the parties. They may use a shuttle format or choose to have in-person meetings.
We usually allow between 30 and 60 days for the parties to try and reach a resolution. The mediator may close the mediation at any time if it appears that the discussions are not constructive or the there is not reasonable chance of reaching a settlement.
For more information see our GUIDE TO MEDIATION and 


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