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Human rights remedies are intended to address the impact that discrimination can have on a person's dignity, self worth and feelings and attempt to put the person who has been discriminated against in the position they would have been in had they not been discriminated against.
A member of the Human Rights Adjudication Panel can award the remedies set out in section 43(2) of The Human Rights Code. The Commission does not order remedies. (The Commission can assess the reasonableness of the remedies offered by the respondent however).
The adjudicator will issue remedies to try and make the person or group who has been discriminated against "whole". The remedies are not intended to punish the person or organization that has contravened The Human Rights Code.  
The Commission has an interest in ensuring that employers, service providers and landlords understand their responsibilities under The Human Rights Code and make changes where needed so they can ensure that no one is discriminated against in Manitoba.

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