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Preparing for a Hearing

If the Commission decides that there is enough evidence to support a complaint and the parties cannot resolve the complaint through mediation, the Commission will request that a member of the Human Rights Adjudication Panel be appointed to make a final decision about the complaint.

The Human Rights Adjudication Panel is an independent administrative tribunal and is made up of adjudicators appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The adjudicators are not employed by or otherwise connected to the Commission.

In the adjudication process, the Commission represents the public’s interest in eliminating discrimination.  The Commission’s counsel is responsible for proving the complaint and suggesting remedies that will ensure the Respondent complies with The Human Rights Code.  The adjudication hearing is open to the public and the Adjudicator’s decision is published.

Any party may request that the adjudication decision be reviewed by a Judge of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench.
For more information see our GUIDE TO AN ADJUDICATION HEARING


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