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"Much discrimination is rooted in ignorance and education is essential to its eradication, and therefore it is important that human rights educational programs assist Manitobans to understand all their fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as their corresponding duties and responsibilities to others"  

-Preamble, The Human Rights Code

The Commission educates the public about The Human Rights Code through education seminars and workshops. We use a rights-based approach that involves working through scenarios to build the capacity of the participants to better navigate issues in their workplaces and avoid complaints.  
You can attend one of our sessions, or book us to provide a customized workshop at your workplace if you have a specific issue that you would like covered or wish to reach a large group.

We also present at conferences and other events on human rights issues and use our Connections Bulletin, website and social media to educate the public and promote human rights. 

At this time, all MHRC training has been postponed indefinitely in light of the precautionary measures advised in response to COVID-19.  If you require human rights training, please contact for updates.


    Human Rights Seminars

    Learn more about sessions scheduled in your area.



    Learn more about things like discrimination against persons with disabilities who use service animals, discrimination on the basis of gender identity and the principles of reasonable accommodation.


    30 years of The Human Rights Code

    Read more about the human rights milestones over the last 30 years of The Human Rights Code in Manitoba.

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