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Manitoba Human Rights Awards

Since 1989 the Manitoba Human Rights Commission has held an event to celebrate International Human Rights Day on December 10. 

For the last several years, we have partnered with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties to hold an awards  evening. Each year awards are given to Manitobans who have made significant contributions to promoting respect for human rights and equality.

The award recipients are chosen by an independent Selection Committee made up of representatives from each of the partner organizations.

The Manitoba Human Rights Awards are open to the public. 

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Human Rights Commitment Award of manitoba

This award recognizes a person or group who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the rights of Manitobans, beyond the work they do in their paid job or position. 

Daniel Thau-Eleff is a Winnipeg-based playwright, performer, director, workshop leader and artisitic producer of the Moving Target Theatre Company.  For the past 14 years, he has used theatre to challenge Manitobans to relfect on their lives and live courageously.  Through his work, he tackles ofen complex issues around family, relationships, sex, violence and morality and social issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and gender identity and inclusion.  Daniel has been actively involved in a number of community initiatives including Winnipeg Copwatch, the Albert Street Autonomous Zone Co-op, Manitoba Aboriginal Justice Equality Coalition and Independent Jewish Voices. 

This year, Treherne fibre artist Krista Zeghers was selected to design the award.  Her design was chosen because it embodies the spirit of advancing human rights and the fundamental freedoms in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For more information about Krista visit her blog.


2017         Alaya McIvor
2016         Tracia's Trust
2015         Meet Me at the Bell Tower
2014         PRIDE Winnipeg, Rana Abdulla,
                 Althea Guiboche
2013         Betty Hopkins, Dr. Joan Durrant,
                 The Manitoba League of Persons
                 with Disabilities
2012         Jane Burpee, Louise Simbandumwe
                 The Rainbow Resource Centre
2011         United Food and Commercial Workers Local 832
2010         Ernesto Griffith, Winston Moxam,
                 Manitoba Theatre for Young People
2009         Ali Saeed
2008         Yude Henteleff and Irene McKay
2007         David Livingstone Community School's Bridges FASD Program
2006         Chuck Duboff
2005         Marceline Ndayumvire
2004         Chris Vogel and Richard North
2003         Winnipeg Harvest
2002         Jim Derksen
2001         Hersch Zentner
2000         Kathy Mallet and Sherri Walsh

Sybil Shack Award
This award is given to a person or group aged 25 years or younger whose work has impacted the advancement of rights and freedoms locally or internationally.
Dr. Sybil Shack was a recognized educator, writer, and broadcaster and was active in the promotion of human rights all her life. She was a part of numerous boards and committees in Winnipeg including being a board member, vice-president and co-convener of the Legislative Review Committee for The Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties. She bequeathed funds which have been used to provide a cash award that honours her commitment to educating youth and to human rights.

Brielle Beardy-LinklaterBrielle is an advocate for LGBTTQ rights and helped found Pride North of 55 in Northern Manitoba. She was also a 2018 Winnipeg Pride Parade Marshall. Through her work, she speaks out about the need to challenge transphobia in the Indigenous community and in general.  By participating in Daughters of the Vote, an initiative of Equal Voice, she was the first Indignous trans woman to take a seat in Parliament.

2017        Amina and Nusaybah Mohamed, Alexa Potashnik
2016        Lauren Milne 
2015        Christie McLeod 
2014        Alana Robert
2013        Megan Fultz, Gray Academy-Gay Straight Alliance
2012        Muuxi Adam, Chelsea Caldwell, Ayla and Van Hamilton
2011        Rebekah Enns 
2010        Voices: Manitoba's Youth in Care Network 
2009        Anna-Celestrya Carr 
2008        Joe A. Ross School
2007        Krupa Kotecha
2006        Tasha Carriere-Spillett
2005        Maples Collegiate Unity Group
2003        Youth Helping Youth

aaron berg award 
This award is given to a person involved in the legal profession (lawyer, paralegal, law student) who has contributed significantly to the advancement of human rights in Manitoba by way of their legal work.
The award was announced in 2016 to recognize the contributions of Aaron Berg, former counsel to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission and General Counsel with Manitoba Justice.  Aaron passed away in June 2017.  He  was an expert in human rights and administrative law, and represented the Commission in several high profile human rights cases, including Janzen v. Platy Enterprises and Brooks v. Canada Safeway, both of which established women's rights in this country. Aaron was also involved in drafting The Human Rights Code to replace the former Human Rights Act.

The Public Interest Law Centre is an independent office of Legal Aid Manitoba that has represented individuals and groups who might otherwise not have the resources or ability to advocate for their rights. They have taken a variety of cases tackling systemic issues including the rights of persons with disabilities to live in the community, to have accessible limousine services and around the adequacy of services as young persons “age-out” of care. They have also been an active voice in the development of accessibility vulnerable persons legislation in the province.

2017        Dr. Donn Short

Reconciliation Award of Manitoba

The Reconciliation Award was given out as the Human Rights Commitment Award in 2015 and as a separate award in 2017 to Red Rising collective to honour the efforts of these groups to achieve reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Manitoba.  It is not given out every year.

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