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The Business of Human Rights in the Workplace

It is time to have a pro-active approach to human rights in the workplace by initiating policies which will benefit you and your present and future employees or clients. During this half-day workshop, a human rights officer will use case scenarios to discuss discrimination and harassment under The Human Rights Code, avoiding mistakes in the hiring process, and reasonable accommodation. This overview is recommended as a pre-requisite for other sessions.

"This seminar was extremely useful with lots of information and a great presenter"

Harassment in Today's Workplace

Not only can harassment demean and embarrass an individual, it also affects the productivity and success of your workplace. During this half-day workshop you will learn why harassment is considered to be discrimination; how to appropriately respond to an employee or customer harassment complaint; and why anti-harassment policies are needed. This session will be of interest to those who deal with harassment issues in their workplace.

“"This was by far the best human rights workshop I have attended."”

Reasonable Accommodation in the Workplace

Accommodation requests on the basis of disability, religion, family status and pregnancy are on the rise in today’s workplace. Employers and supervisors should know that failure to reasonably accommodate an employee can be a form of discrimination. What questions can be asked? What medical notes are appropriate? What is “reasonable”? Real life scenarios will help you understand the accommodation process.

"“Very engaging with great, relevant stories to help with understanding.”"”””

Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

All accommodation requests require sensitivity and can be challenging; some more than others. For example, an employee may not recognize their changing behavior. This half-day seminar reviews case studies specific to mental health and addictions accommodations. Completion of the Reasonable Accommodation in the Workplace seminar or knowledge of accommodation processes is strongly recommended before taking this session.

"Great presenter who was very knowledgeable and accommodating to participants’ needs and questions"

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